About Us

You remember what you see. Keeping this in mind, Topper Education Pvt Ltd was established in the year 2008 with the sole objective of delivering quality educational audio visual solutions to school going children, aiding them in comprehending  and remembering subjects with ease.


Technology is an integral part of our organization and we believe in keeping up with new technology. Initially we started developing VCDs, today we have forayed  into creating  DVDs, Mobile Application and Set Top Boxes. 


We have worked with various  schools, tuition classes and NGOs to provide distinct solutions like DVDs and Set Top boxes which have benefited lakhs of students. With the launch of our Mobile Application 'EON', students can now learn on their tablets and mobile phones. They can learn on the go - anywhere, anytime. Our 'Kiddies  learn with fun' series is aimed at the kindergarten and nursery children, offers various products like Flash Cards, Rhymes and Stories. 


Our mission is to provide optimal audio video solutions for students at affordable prices, so children of all backgrounds can benefit from them.


We aim to constantly bring in new technologies and introduce new ways to upgrade our products for the advantage of our users.